About us

About DPS

DPS Educational Society

Delhi Public School Educational Society - a name that needs no introduction in the field of quality education, has taken a giant leap towards excellence in even the remotest part of the country. Delhi Public School, is a collective effort of a few visionaries, to offer better education facility in parts of the country where development needs a boost.

Quality education goes way beyond theoretical knowledge, with emphasis on values and skills that help young minds evolve into better individuals. And this is our ultimate objective.

The School management promises to gives quality education to our kids which shall be as per with the best co-ed schools in India. A bond where the young minds will be managed by experts from different fields. With wishes & commitment to uphold the belief of all who have decided to bank their faith in us.

We extend our best wishes to all those working towards making quality education all pervasive for a better tomorrow. Lets walk with hand and take our motherland to great height.

Our Mission

To produce highly competent, confident and socially conscious individuals, who contribute very significantly in all spheres of national and global world.

Our Vision

→ Create responsible global citizens with global understanding and a real concern for environment.
→A learning community of motivated students and staff engaged in active learning through the best use of modern technology.
→To inspire and instill strong and enduring values and ethics and thereby equip young minds to face all challenges in life successfully.
→ In Keeping with the vision of the DPS Educational Society which aims at preparing Global citizens and agents of social change commiyyed to Humanistic values and Democratic Traditions, we at DPS, aim to make our school and Institute of Excellence.

Choosing DPS for some

→ We DPS possesses a unique infrastructure.
→ We DPS enables every child to realize his/her potential.
→ We DPS inspires every child to achieve excellent academic results as well as scholastic developement.
→ We DPS enriches by providing multitudinous opportunities.
→ We DPS supports every individual to develop one's own personal strength with flexible provisions.
→ We DPS cherishes every child's uniqueness and nurtures undividualiyu through proper counselling as and when required.
→ We DPS grooms future leaders with democratically elected students as ministers.
→ We DPS collaborates with the local community for community service projects.
→ We DPS fosters camaraderie and team work with multidimensional sporting opportunities.
→ We DPS forges strong and close mentor-pupil relationship.
→ We DPS enhances pupil's overall progress with a sound foundation.
→ We DPS encourages parental involvement with numerous PTI's and constant communication.
→ We DPS appoints highly qualified experienced teaching staff.
→ We DPS treats every child to be unique in themselves.
→ We DPS has a separate pre-primary wing for the free learning and shaping young minds.
→ We DPS aims to soar high.